Seiza; My Nightmare

As I write this, it’s the weekend where I’m a little more lax on my sleep routine. My girlfriend and I are up late. She’s playing Call of Duty Black Ops 4 on Xbox in front of me, sitting in my extremely comfortable leather executive chair donning a nice warm robe.

I’m sitting behind her. On our dog Zeke’s bed in seiza position with a pillow and fleece throw blanket rolled up and tucked under my butt. And I’m still in pain.

You see, seiza has always been a nightmare of mine. I’m sitting here, and aside from writing this post on from my cellphone I’m reading a book on Junbi Undo and Hojo Undo. Now, I was going to do some basic kihon practice while she played, as she likes to do for a few hours the night before she has the day off, but then I realized that at the end of each of my Goju Ryu classes we sit in seiza position. I have a hard time staying in the position and when it comes time to get up I can barely do that. It’s a position that is like a waking sleeping paralysis. Unable to stay there. Unable to move. It’s great.

That’s sarcasm. Not sure if you picked that tone up or not. Just making sure.

Oh, and I did start with two pillows but Zeke felt the need to pull one off his bed to lay on while I was up stretching out on a little break.

And, to be honest, at this point I don’t know if I’m writing this just to keep my mind off the fact that my legs have turned to stone. Painful annoying stone.

But hey, this is a great opportunity for me to test myself and I welcome that, right?

Okay, okay, all joking aside. This is important to me. Even years ago when I was a Taekwondo practitioner I had a very difficult time with this position. I think it’s time I finally overcame this weakness and turn it into a strength, turn it into a weakness I can’t even remember I had. I spent some time looking at techniques to overcome this online. It really just comes down to just doing it. This is where my mind goes to Shia LaBeouf coaching me from the clouds repeating “Just do it! Don’t let your dreams be dreams!”

Hey, if it works it works, don’t knock it.

I’ll have to add seiza practice to my daily routine until I am completely comfortable in it. I’ll implement it into other things I do, like reading, learning Japanese on my handy Duolingo app, or playing with Zeke. Once I’m more comfortable I’ll incorporate it into meditation but right now it’s just far too distracting and hindering.

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