8 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Alright, lets get to it. The nitty gritty. There’s really no introduction needed, so here’s 8 ways to motivate yourself:


This is one of my favorite tactics. I’ll literally go to YouTube and type ‘motivation’ into the search bar. Most of the time these consist of clips of motivational parts of movies or shows but there’s a lot of interviews too. And I noticed it’s a lot of Will Smith. The Fresh Prince knows how to motivate, what can I say?


Do you have a to-do list that’s a thousand actions long? Cut it down. Cut it in half. Cut it in a quarter. Don’t overwork yourself. It’s much more empowering to complete a list than to stand there looking at a list that’s so long you don’t want to complete it. If your list is overwhelming, it can actually do the opposite that you want a to-do list to do and can make you lazier.


Man, you want a motivator? You’re going to die someday. That’s a fact. There will be a point in life where you’re not a part of it, you’re not around anymore. What do you want to accomplish before then? Let knowledge of your finite life motivate you to define your legacy and sharpen your focus.


The path to success is not earned by taking giant leaps. This is a dangerous path that must be taken by small, calculated steps to the top. It is much easier to progress via these smaller steps than the larger leaps and this keeps you moving forward at all times instead of taking giant leaps, stopping for a time, then taking another leap.


Shoshin is a concept in Karate or Japanese thought meaning “beginner’s mind”. It is a state of mind in which you are ready to learn without bias, without judgement, without any preconceived notions. This will help you move forward at all times because you are accepting of your faults.


Here’s another one from Japan, mushin or “no mind”. Have you seen The Last Samurai? Do you recall that part where Tom Cruise was learning to fight and one of the Japanese man told him “no mind, you have too much mind”? I think that’s how it went, at least. This is the powerful state of mind in which you’re so focused on what you are doing, you achieve an empty-mindedness, a zazen state of being, a silence of thought.

This is, in fact, the goal of zen meditation. It is powerful because you are no longer influenced by distraction, by worry, hope, or admiration. You are simply in the moment experiencing what you are doing to the fullest.


Nothing is going to stop you. Nothing and no one can get in your way. Fudoshin is the Japanese concept of having an “immovable mind”, which is to say no outside influences can affect you.

No bad comments on Facebook are going to pierce your resolve, you are steadfast, unbreakable. This is excellent for goal setting. I, for example, am exhibiting fudoshin for achieving my blackbelt in Goju Ryu Karate Do. I won’t let anything stop me.


This is a scoring criteria in competition karate. Yes! A mindset!

Zanshin is a relaxed awareness, it is being ready at all times, it is remaining in a state of anticipation of threat until all threats are neutralized.

But how does this help with staying motivated?

Zanshin will allow you to keep seeing those things that will trip you up on your path, while you’re taking those baby steps, while your mind is of shoshin and mushin and fudoshin. It will see death on the horizon and let you accomplish your work before that fateful day comes.

These 8 methods above can really help you get and stay motivated. The last 4 are the most important. They are how one lives their life and accomplishes their goals. These are things I’ll be writing about a lot more in the future. Hop into the comment section below and tell me, what are your personal ways for staying motivated?



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