Who You Are is Enough

Buy this, buy that, dress this way, do it that way. Consumerism as a way to self-confidence is nothing more than a cheap Halloween costume used to make yourself believe you’re something you’re not. Don’t buy into the lies that companies are selling, telling you that you’re not good enough without this or that.

Don’t take yourself too seriously, either. Accept yourself. Evaluate yourself realistically. If you see things you don’t like, then change that for you but don’t change that for anyone else out there that might be pressuring you, whether that’s a group of people at school, a boy or girl, or a company with their advertisements.

What exactly is it that makes you think you’re not enough? What is it that makes you feel you’re not enough? F*ck that. You’re enough. The only person that needs convincing is you. If it weren’t for outside pressures, you would just be. You would exist in the moment. So why are you letting them affect you as they are? Why are you letting these external forces control you?

You control you. Lift your arm. Could anyone else have done that just by thought? No. Well, at least I don’t think so. Just remember that if there’s not something you like about yourself, make sure it’s you that doesn’t like it. If that’s actually true, then change it. Evolve. Grow. But all you will ever be is already within you, you just need to let yourself grow, you need to let those parts of you out into the world.

Look in the mirror. See yourself, not as you’re conditioned to see, but who you really are. What do you like? What fires burn within you? What passions do you have? What are your hobbies? Don’t lose yourself because of popularity contests or a desk job you hate. Don’t lose yourself because you wear hand-me-downs instead of Armani. Don’t lose yourself.

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