Achieving vs Doing

If you live in the modern world, in a first world country, and particular a western culture, then you’re probably often inundated with goal-setting personalities and achievement-highlighting Instagram feeds. But if all you’re doing is setting goals, then you’re losing yourself in the shadow of it.

Being present in the moment and living what you are practicing, whether it be martial arts, basketball, or winning a video game competition can far supersede winning a certain competition or big game. Being a champion is far more important than winning the championship. Don’t be your goals, be you. Be a blackbelt, don’t just earn one. Be a basketball player, don’t just earn a scholarship.

To achieve something is to reach a desired objective or result. To do something is to engage in an activity or perform an action. Doing is far more encompassing and far more productive.

Now, don’t get me wrong, results can speak for themselves, but what is the measure of one’s achievements? You can have walls lined with trophies and medals but none of them count for anything if all you can do is go through the motions. Taking on a mindset of doing or being is a deeper level of achieving. It goes beyond results to the very state of being and existing, existing within the moment.

Look at it this way, the Japanese and British are both famous for their tea. Both have tea at the end of their process of making it, but the Japanese tea ceremony is in the moment, it is a meditation on perfection. It is more than just achieving a cup of tea at the end, it is about growth of self, balance, and progress. This is about the journey.

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